Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spirit Week !!

This week at school was spirit week and everyday there was something new to do and to wear. This was a way to bring commuters and residents that live in the dorms together. One of the activities that I went to was the block party that was held at the court yard. There was games dancing and also stepping, dancing going as well. The block party was from 9-12am.  There was also wacky tacky day that let you where your silliest clothes and crazy outfits. There was also a crazy sock day and retro day as well where you could where you clothes from the 60-80's. MY favorite day was denim day because it was everyone would where jeans and etc to help a great cause and raise money. Another interesting event was the pep rally that was held in the cafe between the hours of 12:30-1:45.The steppers did a routine and all of the clubs was announced at this event. Another announcement that was made was also about the athletics and how some of the track runners made it to nationals. The last and final announcement made was the new R.A's for the upcoming semester which included myself. The very last event I went to was the talent show where students could display there talents if it was from singing to dancing or new clothes that you have designed. This week on campus was a busy week with all the different activities that was happening I really enjoyed myself and I look forward to many more things on campus happening.

Tie dir is Awesome !!

Recently I did a first time activity that involved my school which was tie dying any piece of clothing that you owned. After my last class I went up stairs to where they where holding this event and saw nothing but everyone in robes and dye everywhere. When I saw everyone dipping clothes into solutions squirting dye on their clothes I began to get excited and threw off my book bag so I could join the fun. Once I took off my clothes I began to read the instructions of how to do this activity because this was my first time doing this. I walk over to put rubber bands on my shirts to make different designs so the colors would come if different spots on the clothes. I finish putting rubber bands on my shirts I put on gloves and dip my clothes in the solution that the science teacher made to help the dye sink into the shirt better. Soon I began to get the colors that I wanted my shirt to be and I used a squirt bottle to squirt the colors out. Once I did this my shirt was drenched in color I took the wet shirt and put it in a plastic bag to let it dry for for 24 hours. Once a couple days passed  I had to rinse the shirt in warm water to the water ran clear. Then I had to perform the last step was to wash the in the wash machine a couple time until the left over color was gone. I performed all of the steps and I dried and wore it to school on earth day. Once all the steps was done I loved the way my shirt turned off it was bright and very colorful!! Having the science department offer this incredible experience was so good I really enjoyed this activity and hope they do it again.

Monday, March 24, 2014

I am currently starting the process over where I am trying to start the process over where I am trying to be an R.A. again. I know I said the process before was stressful but it has taught me more than I will ever know. I can now go into a situation and now I can tackle it. This has taught me how to grow up and made me more mature . This also taught me what I can and cannot handle. Being an R.A. also looks good on a college application as well. Being a R.A. defiantly brought me out of my shell and took me out of my comfort zone and made me turn into leader in certain situations. This has also taught me that it’s not always about me and my feeling. I am very excited about this process because I already know how to go into situation and now I know what to expect. There also so many changes with there being a new team and new rules I think that this will go better than last year. I am going into this process with an open mind and positive thoughts that this will be better than the last.

The Journey is almost over !!

As I I’m sitting in the library logging into banner on the school website, I notice I am almost done with school. As I am looking on the computer screen I am in shock that this journey is almost over. I’m looking on the screen thinking that something must be wrong because most people finish this school in three years. As I began to register for classes I’m thinking that my schedule is going to be short so this can’t be right. When you start to register for classes you have to always think is this class going to transfer. I think that I’m ready to hit this point in my college career and I’m getting nervous. I don’t want to think that this was a waste of time and that I have to start all over again in this process. The school that I dreamed of going to is Bon Scour’s nursing school but some of the classes that I need the current school that I am attending do not offer. I was also thinking of maybe John Tyler but I know for sure that my classes will not transfer so I feel like I am in a pickle. I won’t give up on such a long journey that I have started. I can say one thing that this is almost over, and I can’t wait to graduate and start my life.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Having an online class is not the best thing to do when you are a college student is takes so much responsibility. Having an online class can be frustrating because you don’t have the teacher with you at the moment when you are doing assignments. I feel though as sometimes you are teaching yourself the information you need to know. I think the worst online class you can have is a math class, I had this class once online and it didn’t go well but I pass. In my opinion I think some classes shouldn’t be offered on class because when you need help it’s a process of getting help. I am currently taking an online class that is sociology and it’s been a couple of times when I didn’t quite understand the assignment and I was stuck emailing the teacher then I got help the next day. Also with having an online class you have to take responsibilities and remembering to check blackboard to keep up with you assignments. You have to make sure you are aware of what’s due because you don’t have this class every day to remind you what due. In my opinion I think that it’s convenient to have this class online but sometimes it can be annoying and frustrating. If I had to choose a class again on line it would never be math!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Being in college sometimes can be like having a full time jobs, you always have something to do and it’s never a dull moment. One issue that I have with this full time job is that I procrastinates a lot of the times and wait until the very last day its due. I always say that I’m going to get up in five to do something but that motivation never works for me which sucks. Sometimes when you wait until the very last day it can show up in your grades. One thing that I really procrastinate with is when it comes to writing papers because I always get writers block and then I sit the computer down or the pencil and that process turns into an hour or more. To help solve this issue I always try and I mean really try to write down things in a time frame so I can do them faster. Also I try to do my work in places that I know I will not get to comfortable which will make me hurry up and get work done faster. I try not to do my work in the room in the bed or thee couch because that will make sit my work down and never get back to it. By the time I graduate I want to be a lot better with this issue, even though this issue hasn't affected my grades yet I want it  to get better

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I am currently work at a local grocery store as a cashier. This job can comes with so many negatives like for one working with the public which is a job within itself. Working with the public is very difficult becasue you come in contact with so many personalities. Whenever you work with the public you have to keep mind that you have to keep it professional at all times because they can always go back and complain about you.  Sometime you get these customers that are having a bad day and take it out on you like you did something wrong, or even the customers that just find everything wrong with what you just did. When you are a cashier you have so many things going on at one time, such as did you get there savings card. As a cashier you have to make sure everything is ringing up as the right price and make sure you are not ringing up things right. Sometimes working at popular grocery store can be crazy because when certain holidays or special day are coming up such as super bowls etc the store can become very pack with customers and very overwhelming. I think sometime customers expect a-lot out of us , such as never making mistakes like we are perfect. But when the store is not busy with customers they expect us to clean and clean and clean like there is never that much cleaning in the world that we can do. I am very grateful for my job but at times I have a love hate for it and the only love that I have for this job is that I'm making money!