Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spirit Week !!

This week at school was spirit week and everyday there was something new to do and to wear. This was a way to bring commuters and residents that live in the dorms together. One of the activities that I went to was the block party that was held at the court yard. There was games dancing and also stepping, dancing going as well. The block party was from 9-12am.  There was also wacky tacky day that let you where your silliest clothes and crazy outfits. There was also a crazy sock day and retro day as well where you could where you clothes from the 60-80's. MY favorite day was denim day because it was everyone would where jeans and etc to help a great cause and raise money. Another interesting event was the pep rally that was held in the cafe between the hours of 12:30-1:45.The steppers did a routine and all of the clubs was announced at this event. Another announcement that was made was also about the athletics and how some of the track runners made it to nationals. The last and final announcement made was the new R.A's for the upcoming semester which included myself. The very last event I went to was the talent show where students could display there talents if it was from singing to dancing or new clothes that you have designed. This week on campus was a busy week with all the different activities that was happening I really enjoyed myself and I look forward to many more things on campus happening.

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